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Suffering from a creative block? Enjoy plot development or world building? Love swapping ideas with other writers? Then PlotStorming.com is for you! Let the daily writing prompts inspire you; lose yourself in short stories; entertain others with your own tales; or enter the monthly contest. Here you’ll find a friendly group of creative individuals willing to share ideas and provide constructive critiques.
Daily Inspiration
To help you write every day and spur your creativity, PlotStorming.com provides Inspiration: Daily Creative Writing Prompts, Periodical Mining, and What’s Old is New Again. If you’re having a hard time trying to write write, the Inspiration is here — filled with imagery and emotion — to serve as a catalyst.If the inspiration works for you — the community would love to see what you produce. A goal for the exercise is 300-500 words, simple right?

Daily Creative Writing Prompt:

The cane hit Marah on the head with an audible CRACK! “NO, girl!” The young woman dropped her long ladle and backed away from the cauldron mewling. Korina emerged from the shadows wearing a deep scowl. “You are lucky you did not ruin the brew they way you were stirring it so! It is only strong and potent out of the pot because we treat the brew with such care when it is within.”The crone shook her head and motioned to the roiling cauldron. “Come, recite the incantation as I taught you.”

Personal Updates

I have been trying my hand at non-fiction writing lately. I took a ton of college entrance exams in the last couple of years and wanted to share some of the knowledge I gained. The feature article is about the average ACT score. There are also tons of other pages about different exams including the ACT, GRE and ASVAB.

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